It is time for us to say goodbye.
This is where the restaurant adventure of "La Bonne Humeur" ends.

We are pleased to have been able to continue to serve the specialties of the house
in an authentic atmosphere.
We would like to thank our fantastics customers for their visits
and all the good times lived in this unforgettable place!


The team of La Bonne Humeur


« La Bonne Humeur » is undeniably one of the best addresses

in Brussels for lovers of the famous dish « mussels and French fries » !

We are pressed to be able to enjoy the delicious preparations.

Also featuring the typical Brussels dishes.

This all lies behind a discrete window with the air of a Belgian « friterie ».

The room is filled with old formica tables and chairs, which makes all of its charm.

It is, somehow, going back in time. Nothing has changed since 1954.

For any reservation by mail, please use our form you'll find in tab "Reservations" (24 hour in advance).
By phone you can join us any time on 02/230.71.69.

It will be a pleasure to greet you in our restaurant "La Bonne Humeur"!



Our musselscomefrom Zeeland, which has never bothered anyone. They are neither Spanish nor “bouchot”,whichdon’t have the slightest chance of dethroning the successful casserole of 1000 or 1500 grams. Our mussels are delivered twice a day to ensure the freshness.


The Belgian, amateur of French fries in heart and kidneys, eat them at home and at the restaurant. Nothing, however, can replace the "baraques à frites"scattered about the city of Brussels. They are less numerous than in the past. Purists want them salty and accept the addition of mayonnaise or mustard. Our fries, crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, have their real flavour thanks to thebeef fat and are worthy of the most famous "baraques à frites".


They are simultaneously crispy and soft, the shrimp croquettes are one of the starters when we go to the restaurant. A closely guarded secret from generation to generation, the recipe for these delicious bites has his favourite addresses. Preferably the shrimps come from Ostend and once they are surrounded by breadcrumbs, they are decorated with a lemon zest and fried parsley.


Sabayon is usually served lukewarm but not ours. Mr. Lejeune, owner of "La Bonne Humeur" during 40 years, created an appetizing "cold" sabayon, which we still prepare according the same preparation.